AWR Design Forum (ADF)

The AWR Design Forum (ADF) is an open forum that brings together NI AWR software customers, partners and microwave/RF engineering professionals to learn, network and collaborate on the design of today's microwave and RF circuits and systems. This free-to-attend event travels the globe to bring NI AWR software experts to demonstrate the latest design technologies and encourage dialogue and the exchange of technical ideas around the design challenges you face.  

Join us at one or more ADF location.



  • Tokyo, Japan - July 8
  • Shanghai, China - August 16
  • Shenzhen, China - August 19
  • Taipei, Taiwan - August 22
  • Hsinchu, Taiwan - August 23
  • Seoul, Korea - September 6


  • London, UK - October 4 (in conjunction with EuMW 2016)

North America

  • Boston, MA - September 20 - 22 (in conjunction with EDICON 2016)