DST Group Develops a 24-45 GHz SiGe Receiver Using NI AWR Software


The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group within Australia’s Department of Defense has developed a broadband silicon germanium (SiGe) receiver using NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Analog Office RFIC design software. The receiver had stringent requirements for noise figure, gain flatness, high IIP3 and image rejection over a large operating bandwidth. These requirements were achieved through accurate device modeling using NI AWR software’s extensive RF and electromagnetic (EM) simulation technologies and robust optimization capabilities.

‘‘Analog Office provided the design team with a significant advantage,” said Leigh Milner, designer at DST Group. “The software’s custom PCells boosted the capabilities of the foundry PDKs, simplifying the SiGe design flow by automating the process to layout complex structures over previous manual methods. In addition to saving engineering time, the new capability helped improve the accuracy of the layouts by eliminating potential data entry errors.”

The DST Group success story and a short design example video can be downloaded at awrcorp.com/customer-stories/defence-science-and-technology-group.