Load Modulation in Microwave Circuit Design Lecture by Dr. Steve Cripps is Now Available to View on ni.com/awr


A webinar recording of the European Microwave Week 2016 MicroApps keynote lecture, Load Modulation in Microwave Circuit Design: Past Present and Future Applications, by Dr. Steve Cripps, is now available to view on ni.com/awr.  The talk introduces microwave circuit designers focused on power amplifier performance to an alternative matching network methodology that utilizes active circuitry in place of a conventional impedance transformation based on passive reactive elements. While the active alternative is not frequently used, more recent published work of Dr. Cripps and his team demonstrates that active load modulation can be used in a much wider range of microwave circuit applications. The presentation concludes by summarizing advances in this field and illustrates specific cases where active load modulation has been used to implement reconfigurable wideband amplifiers.

The webinar recording is available at awrcorp.com/resource-library. Registration is required.