Slipstream Design Successfully Innovates a Modified Three-Level Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software


Slipstream Engineering Design Ltd successfully developed a complex, modified three-level Doherty power amplifier (PA) for use in security-related counter-terrorism equipment that operates far below the power levels that yield optimum power-added efficiency. It was important to balance the PA’s performance to operate optimally at both high- and low-power levels, and, further, there was a tight design schedule and pressure to deliver a right-the-first-time prototype. The Slipstream Design team chose NI AWR Design Environment for its three-stage Doherty PA design due to the software’s superior nonlinear large-signal harmonic balance technology.

“Microwave Office software is an invaluable tool that enables us to deliver products according to our flexible and responsive business model,” said Dr. Michael Roberts, technical director at Slipstream Design. “We use the software in all stages of product development, from providing confidence in quoting to detailed and in-depth modeling (both nonlinear and EM) through the final delivery phase.’’

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