Striiv Designs High-Efficiency Wearable Device Antennas Using NI AWR Software


​Striiv, a portable fitness device developer, used NI AWR software to design a new integrated, high-performance antenna that provides better battery life and Bluetooth wireless performance for its next-generation Fusion 2 and Fusion Bio 2 wearable tracker devices.

“We chose NI AWR software because of the proven success of AntSyn™ and Analyst™, as well as the support team’s responsiveness to our requirements and tight schedule,” said Mark Ross, vice president of engineering at Striiv. “The designs worked from the very start and removed the iteration and experimentation usually required in antenna design efforts. NI AWR software helped us to deliver a higher performing wireless wearable product in less time while also reducing design and manufacturing costs significantly when compared to prior similar efforts.’’

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