Webinar: Mixers and Frequency Conversion

Sep 28, 2017
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Technical Education Webinar Series - Free 1-Hour Webinar Sponsored by National Instruments

Frequency conversion is a critical function in all wireless systems and a key component used to accomplish this is the mixer. Designers need to understand different mixer topologies and specifications in order to best meet their system requirements. This webinar provides a brief overview of frequency conversion and introduces the mixer as the component used to accomplish this function. Topics covered include:

  • Why convert?
  • RF system architectures 
  • How many conversions?
  • How to convert? What is a mixer figure of merit?
  • Passive diode mixers versus passive FET mixers 
  • Monolithic silicon active mixer issues 
  • Comparing mixer specifications 
  • Design overview

Presenter Bio:
Allen Podell, an IEEE Life Fellow, has designed monolithic and discrete circuits on gallium arsenide, silicon, sapphire, and plastic. With a solid foundation in device-circuit interaction, he specializes in the practical realization of modern circuit techniques. An author of over 70 technical papers, Podell has founded three companies (Anzac Electronics, Podell Associates, and Pacific Monolithics) and holds 60 U.S. patents ranging from IMPATT diodes to silicon power transistors, three-decade bandwidth microwave components, stereo demodulators, antennas, gallium arsenide integrated circuits, and, more recently, high-power, wideband components. Previously, as VP of Technology at Besser Associates and later at Podell Consulting, he has taught advanced wireless design courses and provided consulting services worldwide.