Design and Simulation of an L-Band Coaxial Ceramic Resonator Oscillator

Space and military communication technology has come to rely on sensors to monitor and improve subsystem performance by using high-efficiency, low-noise, small-size, low-cost and highly-reliable components. Many of these subsystem components contain oscillators with the lowest phase noise as a key circuit component. A typical RF / microwave oscillator consists of an active device (transistor) and passive frequency determining element (resonator). This paper proposes a novel design of L-band coaxial ceramic resonator oscillator (CRO) with 1100 MHz resonance frequency using Skyworks (Trans-Tech) 8800 series coaxial ceramic resonator with a dielectric constant of 39. The CRO provides better performance, improved quality factor, and high Q, and eliminates the micro phonics effects. The customized user-configurable and parameterized coaxial ceramic resonator 3D element model developed to analyze the oscillator used EDA software. The analysis was done using nonlinear circuit and electromagnetic (EM) cosimulations so that effects such as the behavior of large signals, the parasitic effects of packages, resonator coupling with routed traces and vias, and more were taken into consideration. This work can be used in applications like low phase noise voltage controlled oscillators, tuned oscillators, coaxial ceramic filters, and tuned amplifiers. The L-band CRO's circuit and EM simulation was done by using NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software and Analyst™ 3D FEM EM simulator.

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