CEI-Europe Course: Radio System Design - Theory and Practice

Apr 23, 2018 to Apr 27, 2018
Event location: 
Amersfoort, The Netherlands

The objective of this course is to explain the basics of system performance from constituent component block characteristics, how they interact, and how they can be related to top-level system specifications. Various tools are used to provide accurate initial estimates of component performance, while others show the relative contribution of different elements. Together they help isolate critical performance parameters, enabling designers to focus on the right elements to reduce design cycle times and develop cost-effective solutions with an understanding of the interrelated aspects.

This is an intermediate level course suitable for system designers wishing to better understand component-level implications or practicing component design engineers interested in managing more complex sub-assemblies and systems. The course is also suitable for those working on radios in mobile phone industry products, satellite communications, primary/secondary radar, and EW/ECM. NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Visual System Simulator (VSS) system design software will be used during the class.

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Course Equipment/Hardware: