CEI-Europe Course: RF Design and Simulation of Wireless Systems

Jun 4, 2018 to Jun 8, 2018
Event location: 
Dresden, Germany

This 5-day course has been updated with the latest example of a commercial microwave digital radio link, including the link budget, and will demonstrate how some of the most recent wireless systems technology is put into practice. At the communications link level, students will see how tradeoffs can be made between link distance, antenna gain, and signal thresholds and how channel bandwidth improves the link capacity in spite of elevating the receiver noise floor.

The course focuses on examining tradeoffs in the design of wireless systems themselves and students will learn how to seamlessly move between both the circuit and system level in radio transceivers and other RF systems. This is done by looking at typical radio architectures, exploring the design tradeoffs, and simulating at both the circuit and system level. The course looks at digitally-coded signals in RF and IF components and explores the compromises that are inherent in the design of a radio transceiver.  NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Visual System Simulator (VSS) will be used during the class.

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Course Equipment/Hardware: