Analog Office

High-Frequency Analog and RFIC Design

Analog Office® software offers designers of RFICs and analog ICs an easy-to-use, flexible, and accurate design environment. The unique architecture of this software lets you control and integrate best-in-class tools to capture, synthesize, simulate, optimize, lay out, extract, and verify RFIC and analog designs from the system level through to final tape-out. Analog Office streamlines designs, increases your productivity, and lets you get products to market faster.

Analog Office Capabilities & Applications


  • Linear and nonlinear circuit simulation
  • Layout with parasitic extraction
  • Electromagnetic (EM) analysis
  • Co-simulation with system tools
  • Statistical design and design centering
  • Links to back-end design rule check / layout vs. schematic (DRC/LVS)
  • Process design kits (PDKs) from a wide range of foundries


  • RFIC
  • Analog IC

Technical Papers