Microwave Office

RF/Microwave Circuit Design Software

The Microwave Office® design suite is the most comprehensive software solution for designers of all types of RF and microwave circuits, from integrated microwave assemblies to monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and everything 
in between.

Renowned for its intuitive user-interface, the unique architecture of Microwave Office software seamlessly integrates powerful, innovative tools and technologies with application-specific tools from partner companies to bring their high-frequency designs to life quickly and easily. From design capture (schematic and layout) through to harmonic balance and time-domain simulation to synthesis and optimization and EM extraction and verification, Microwave Office software represents the future of high-frequency design.

Microwave Office Capabilities & Applications



  • Microwave Integrated circuits (MICs)
  • Monolithic MICs (MMICs) (small signal and RF power)
  • RF printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Integrated microwave assemblies

Microwave Office Video Demonstration

Quick Tour: PCB Stub Filter

Quick Tour: MMIC Power Amplifier

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