Microwave Office

RF/Microwave Circuit Design

Microwave Office is known for its intuitive interface, innovative design automation, and powerful harmonic balance circuit simulation. Microwave Office along with Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM and Analyst™ software tools form the NI AWR Design Environment platform. Together they offer design engineers a complete RF and microwave circuit, system, and EM co-simulation environment, supporting successful product development for today's most challenging communications and aerospace/defense applications.    

Recent Additions

The latest release of NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office, provides for new and expanded capabilities.  Highlights include:

  • Enhanced Multi-Technology Projects - New design flow capabilities provides enhanced support for multi-technology projects, commonly used to simulate multi-chip modules that integrate diverse MMIC and RFIC devices on a single laminate package/module. 
  • New Nested Source/Load Pull - Adds support for nested source/load pull contours, allowing designers to directly observe changing source and load contours as a function of source and load impedance terminations. 
  • Expanded Circuit Envelope - APLAC harmonic balance technology now includes a circuit envelope simulator capable of addressing circuits excited by non-periodic signal sources, i.e. modulated RF signals. 

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  • Amplifiers - Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers
  • Filters
  • Antennas
  • Oscillators
  • Mixers, Multipliers, Frequency Converters
  • Switches and Control Circuits
  • Passive Circuits – Couplers, splitters/combiners, attenuators

Product Features


  • Schematic/Layout - Design entry with industry-leading tuning
  • APLAC - Linear and nonlinear circuit simulation
    • Harmonic balance (HB) with multi-rate HB, transient-assisted HB and time variant (circuit envelope) analysis
    • Supports large scale and highly non-linear RF/microwave circuits
  • EM Analysis - Fully integrated planar and 3D EM with AXIEM and Analyst
    • ACE™ automatic circuit extraction technology for interconnect modeling
    • EM Socket™ interface for integration with third-party EM tools
  • Load-Pull - State-of-the-art load-pull analysis
    • Harmonic source/load pull analysis generates contours from active device models or plot measured data for impedance matching and supports communication system measurements (ACPR, EVM, BER, etc.)
  • Stability - Includes both linear and nonlinear stability analysis
  • Synthesis - Synthesizing design assistance offered in a a variety of add-on module options
    • Matching circuit synthesis to generate parasitic-aware impedance matching networks
    • iFilter integrated filter synthesis module operating seamlessly within Microwave Office
    • Component synthesis (power dividers, transformers, mixers, multipliers), optimization, and yield analysis
  • DRC/LVS - Design rule checking/layout vs. schematic 
    • Support for tools such as Calibre® and ICED
  • PDKs - Process design kits (PDKs) from a wide range of MMIC and RFIC foundries
    • Multiple and mixed PDK support to simultaneously analyze and design ICs, packages, and PCBs

Models and Libraries

Supported Technologies

  • MMIC - Design flows and process design kits for working with GaAs/GaN foundries
  • PCB - Single and multi-layer board modeling, simulation and layout solutions 
  • Modules - Multi-technology packaging modeling and simulation solutions for MMIC/RFIC, chip/package/board interconnects and embedded passives 
  • RFIC - Mixed-signal and Si RF design
  • Systems - System co-simulation of wireless communication metrics such as ACPR, EVM and related digital modulation analysis