Visual System Simulator Features Overview


  • Seamless integration with Microwave Office and Analog Office design suites, enabling APLAC harmonic balance, EM, and linear co-simulation
  • RFB™ for cascaded RF measurements
  • RFI™for identification of intermodulation products
  • RF chain impairment analyses
  • TDNN™ memory effect behavioral modeling
  • Circuit envelope simulation
  • Turbo decoders, I/Q demodulator, and BER simulation
  • EVM, ACPR, and phase noise measurements
  • Impedance mismatch capability for monitoring VSWR and its impact on the system
  • Fixed-point library as well as radar library simulation
  • Communications test benches for wireless standards, including, GSM, LTE,WiMAX,DVB-H/DVB-T and Wi-Di (IEEE-802.11,a/b/g/ac)
  • Signal generators for custom signals
  • R&S®WinIQSIM2™ software for wireless communications (optional)
  • TestWave™ module for evaluating system performance versus real-world signals (optional)

What Is New in the Latest NI AWR Release