AWR Connected - Antenna Magus

RF and Microwave Automated Antenna Design

AWR Connected™ – Antenna Magus seamlessly integrates high-frequency design software from AWR with Antenna Magus' antenna synthesis software to provide a more powerful and complete software-to-software antenna design environment.

Microwave Office and Antenna Magus

Automated synthesis of microwave devices like filters and amplifiers has been gaining in popularity in CAE applications over the past decade. AWR Connected for Antenna Magus now brings this capability to the field of antenna design, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of antenna designers and microwave/RF circuit designers alike.

Antenna Magus software is an expert system for antenna designers and suitable for a broad range of applications. Its expansive database helps to quickly guide RF, microwave, and antenna designers from the initial stages of design (synthesis) through to the final customization phase (circuit/EM simulation).  And now with AWR Connected for Antenna Magus, validated, parametric models of initial antenna designs are seamlessly exported into AWR's Microwave Office / AXIEM software for further characterization, including tuning and optimization.