AWR Connected - ODB++

Integrating RF Circuits into a High-Speed/Mixed-Signal PCB Design

AWR Connected™ – ODB++ integrates high-frequency design software from AWR with a broad range of PCB vendors' tools to provide a software-to-software layout verification design solution.

Microwave Office/AXIEM and PCB Layout

Integrating RF circuits into a high-speed/mixed-signal printed circuit board (PCB) design flow is not an easy task. Incorporating digital, RF/microwave, and analog circuits on the same board requires a powerful yet easy-to-use software solution that simplifies the tasks at hand rather than adding more complexity to it. AWR Connected for ODB++ is such a solution. It works by connecting popular third party PCB tools to AWR's Microwave Office® RF/microwave circuit simulation and AXIEM® electromagnetic analysis software, thereby extending compatibility to vendors such as Altium and Intercept. ODB++ enables the flow of PCB layout data (exported from vendor tools in ODB++ format) into AWR's software for post-layout, final design-stage verification.


  • Import layout from PCB tools: full PCB, arbitrary section, and/or select traces with proximity
  • Providing a flow with PCB vendors such as Altium and Intercept
  • Schematic created from component information (models supplied by designer)
  • EM Ports automatically applied and wired into schematic
  • Ready to EM simulate with AXIEM