iFilter: Filter Synthesis Module

Filter Synthesis For Seamless Circuit Design

AWR's iFilter™ integrated filter synthesis module seamlessly runs as a wizard within the Microwave Office design environment, enabling designers to keep filter designs and their evolution a part of the entire, managed circuit design project. iFilter's intuitive user interface quickly hasusers designing filters, connecting them directly to circuitry and making trade-offs that positively impact their design.

Filter Types:

  • Lumped Element Filters
  • Chebyshev
  • Maximally Flat/Butterworth
  • Bessel
  • Linear Phase
  • Gaussian
  • Transitional Gaussian
  • Legendre

Distributed Filters:

  • Shunt Stub Bandpass Filter
  • Stepped Impedance Resonator Filter
  • Edge Coupled Bandpass Filter
  • Interdigital Bandpass Filter
  • Hairpin Bandpass Filter
  • Combline Bandpass Filter