IMS2016 MicroApps: Advances in System-Level Modeling of Large Phased-Array Simulations

In this presentation, new phased array modeling capabilities are presented that are now implemented in NI AWR Design Environment™ Visual System Simulator (VSS) system design software. These capabilities enable designers to configure the array’s geometry using either a standard layout pattern or one of their own creation. The radiation patterns of individual elements can be specified via simulations or real-world measurements and can be included in the performance evaluation of the phased array. Such an approach yields much more accurate results compared to the simple, idealized, isotropic sources. Furthermore, the system simulator can model the RF components in the phased array so that designers can obtain a realistic performance of the overall system. The new capabilities also provide ease of configuration and reduced overhead, as well as shorter design and simulation times.

Presented by: Dr. Gent Paparisto, AWR Group, NI

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