Microstrip Cross-Coupled Filter Design

Technical Education Webinar Series - Free 1 Hour Webinar

Presented by: Daniel G. Swanson, Jr.
Hosted by: Microwave Journal

This presentation builds on a previous webinar where we designed a microstrip combline filter. In this webinar we will explore adding a cross-coupling to the microstrip combline. We will add a capacitive cross-coupling that will produce a transmission zero on the low side of the passband. There are several ways to physically realize the desired cross-coupling. We will explore these options before choosing the final physical realization.

Sonnet em will be used to analyze our planar filter in a cutoff waveguide channel. We will add an extra port to each resonator in the Sonnet em model so we can port tune the EM simulation results using NI Microwave Office and EQR_OPT_MWO from SW Filter Design. This combination of tools will allow us to rapidly try different configurations for the desired cross-coupling. Once we settle on a topology, we will “grow” the cross-coupling into our filter layout using optimization. The combination of port tuning and robust, repeatable optimization makes this a very simple and intuitive design process.

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