MMIC Design

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NI AWR Design Environment offers a leading front-to-back MMIC design flow that enhances engineering productivity and ensures first pass success with an innovative user interface and complete integration of design entry, simulation and physical design tools.

MMIC PDK Support 

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Design / Simulate / Realize

  • Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator™ - Support front end MMIC design with device modeling and PDKs, design entry, circuit/system harmonic balance and circuit-envelop simulation for analysis of digitally-modulated communication and defense MMICs.
  • AXIEM  and Analyst™ - 3D EM solvers providing S-parameter extraction of transmission lines, on-chip passives, ball-grid arrays, flip-chips, and wire bonds for post-layout verification.
  • NI AWR Design Environment - Integrates circuit, system, and EM simulation technologies with a comprehensive back end physical design platform featuring physical layout linked to simulation-ready schematic capture, interoperability with 3rd party DRC/LVS  and production-ready GDSII export.

Circuit / System / EM Simulation Products 

  • Microwave Office - Circuit analysis with linear and nonlinear frequency and time-domain simulation

    • Design capture with industry-leading tuning
    • Linear and nonlinear frequency- and time-domain simulation
      • APLAC harmonic balance for large-scale and highly nonlinear designs
    • HPSICE transient simulation
    • ACE™ automated circuit extraction technology for interconnect modeling
  • AXIEM and Analyst - 3D planar and 3D finite element method (FEM) EM​​ analysis for fast and accurate modeling and optimization 
  • EM Socket - 3rd Party EM Tools - Interoperability with ANSYS, CST, and Sonnet EM software products
  • Visual System Simulator™ - Communication systems, circuit-envelope analysis, and design partitioning/integration

Models and Libraries

Manufacturing and Test

Supported Technologies

  • GaAs/GaN - Design flows and process design kits for working with leading III-V semiconductor foundries
  • SiGe - Design flows and process design kits for Silicon Germanium devices and foundries
  • HEMT/pHEMT - Model support for (pseudo-morphic) high-electronic mobility transistor processes
  • HBT - Model support for high frequency hetero-junction bipolar transistor processes
  • Systems - Circuit and system co-simulation of wireless communication metrics such as ACPR, EVM and related digital modulation analysis

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