System Requirements

Recommended Hardware


  • Core 2 CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • >1GB available disk space


  • Best in market CPU (multi-core, 64-bit)
  • 4+GB RAM* 
  • 10GB available disk space

Remote Simulation


Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft® Windows®
OS Version

NI AWR Design Environment
V13 / 64-bit only

Windows 10 yes 1
Windows 8 yes 1
Windows 7 SP1 yes 1
Windows Vista SP1 no  
Windows XP SP2 no  


1 - 4K monitors are not supported natively. Windows will scale NI AWR Design Environment UI with varying levels of success (based on OS version). Native support is planned for a future release, contact your local NI AWR software sales office to learn more. 

*Analyst system requirements vary. Contact your local NI AWR software representative to learn more.

Please contact or see our Knowledge Base for the most recent information on support for 64 bit Windows and multiple processor computers.