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The wireless revolution that brought smart phones and wifi-enabled everything to you, is largely thanks to NI AWR Design Environment software.  It is what microwave and RF engineers use to design wireless products.... from base stations to cellphones to satellite communications.

The software helps designers accelerate the design and product development cycle of high-frequency ICs and systems found within the aerospace/defense, semiconductor, computer, consumer electronics, and telecommunications markets by reducing the time it takes from concept thru to manufacturing.

Click on the Overview Presentation video below to learn more about the software, its applications and current customer successes.

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MMIC Power Amplifier

The NI AWR Design Environment product portfolio consists of high-frequency design environments that embrace system simulation (Visual System Simulator™), circuit simulation (Microwave Office and Analog Office) as well as electromagnetic analysis (AXIEM and Analyst™). Expanding the breadth and depth of these design environment solutions, AWR Connected optional products provide for a more complete and productivity enhanced solution to today's RF and microwave designers.  Take a quick tour of the NI AWR Design Environment software by clicking on the tour video above.

To learn more about the latest features in the software as well as to see more video demonstration on select features and capabilities, visit our What's New pages.