What's New?

​V14 of NI AWR Design Environment software is now available in pre-release (beta) for existing customers. V14 includes upgrades, updates and enhancements to the NI AWR Design Environment platform inclusive of Microwave OfficeAnalog OfficeVisual System Simulator™, AXIEM, and Analyst™ software products and associated/related add-on utilities and modules.

Key Aspects of V14

NI AWR software tackles the design challenges of today’s highly-integrated RF/microwave devices within next-generation communications and radar systems such as 5G, IoT and smart vehicles. As component performance requirements become more stringent due to market demands, designers must deliver novel designs based on greater exploration of the design space. 

To meet these challenge, the V14 release focuses on expediting all stages of design from initial starts using powerful network synthesis to circuit/system and EM simulation technology for performance analysis, optimization and verification. Coupled with further enhancements to design flow automation, NI AWR Design Environment V14 offers an unmatched user experience to accelerate RF/microwave designs from concept to product.

V14 Highlights

  • Design Environment, Layout and Automation

    • Dynamic document/measurement management
    • New PCB import wizard streamlines layout edit/capture
    • Enhanced iNet routing
    • Improved layout manager
  • System Simulation and Models/Libraries
    • Enhanced MIMO/phased-array model support (add-on module)
    • New spatial channel models
    • System bus support
    • LDPC encoder/decoder
  • Circuit Simulation and Models/Libraries
    • New network synthesis for impedance matching (add-on module)
    • New tuner interface for large scale parametric design
    • Loop gain stability analysis
    • Enhanced GMDIF model
  • EM Simulation and Modeling
    • Port points for component/EM integration
    • 3D internal wave ports
    • 3D frequency dependent materials
    • Support for conformal structures, i.e. antennas

Current customers may download the V14 pre-release. To access, log into the downloads site. 

If you are new to NI AWR software and want to evaluate the software, click here to get started.

For pricing, licensing or any other V14 related question, kindly contact your local NI AWR software representative.

For What's New information pertaining to V13 and prior releases, click here.  Also, be sure to review the  Software Maintenance Agreement Brochure (PDF) to learn about the value of keeping your software current.