What's New?

V13 of NI AWR Design Environment is now available. V13 includes upgrades, updates and enhancements to Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM and Analyst™ software products.

V13 Features At-a-Glance:

NI AWR Design Environment (Microwave Office and Analog Office)

  • PCB layout import (ODB++, IPC2851)
  • OpenAccess schematic import/export
  • Graph marker improvements
  • Guided help interactive documentation

Visual System Simulator Environment

  • 5G waveform library
  • System load-pull
  • Marching waveforms
  • Better IO for signals

Analyst and AXIEM 3D EM Simulation

  • Custom wave ports within Analyst
  • AXIEM and Analyst simulation speed improvements

Additional Products/Modules

  • AWR Connected - EM Socket II (HFSS, CST and Sonnet)
  • iFilter adds transmission zeros

Note: Click on the new feature highlights, on the menu to the left, to learn more of the specific additions and enhancements to this version.

All current customers and evaluators are able to download this release. Get started by logging into our downloads site.  

For pricing, licensing or any other V13 related question, kindly contact your local NI AWR software representative.