Bluetooth is the New Black!

Feb 3, 2015 | Posted by: Sherry Hess

This year on Wednesday at IMS2105 (Save the Date – May 17-22), the IEEE MTT-S is promoting the use of wearable electronics for anything and everything from Fitbits for counting steps on the show floor to iPhone apps for ‘Sleep Cycle’ tracking (and reminding us of all of the sleep we are not getting). 
But what has me most excited about wearables is that I can finally have warm feet all year long. On a flight back from NI Austin, Texas recently, I grabbed a copy of the United Hemisphere’s magazine to read on the decent into LAX. One article (and its visual) caught my attention… “Bluetooth is the New Black.” 

The article effectively talked about the merger of the New York City fashion industry with Silicon Valley Tech firms and how smart fibers will be taking off in the months and years ahead. While NI AWR Design Environment is key software used by the engineering community for the design of Bluetooth appliances, I don’t recall seeing Louboutin as a current customer. But, I (toes included) am looking forward to adding this industry to our customer list!