Changes Ahead

Jun 18, 2014 | Posted by: Sherry Hess

Change. The first thought we often have when we hear this word is “will this be good?” Why is that? Having worked in high tech for my entire career, I know that change is what drives our industry. Change is necessary as technology marches on and those who don’t change and adapt to shifts in the technological landscape are the ones often left behind.

Why am I talking about change in this blog? Because as the M&RF community (consisting of EDA and T&M) is well aware, AWR became a part of National Instruments (NI) in 2011.

And now, as we speak, more change is underway at NI and AWR. As the rest of 2014 unfolds, you’ll see change take shape as we embrace our parent company’s corporate name and officially become NI. Why is this good? Because we’ve taken our time over these past few years to learn about our respective businesses, meet and speak with mutual customers, and meld our strategies. Now it is time for NI to take the spotlight in the microwave/RF marketplace as a major supplier of products, tools and technologies. The NI future business strategy has been to broaden its offering of RF-centric tools over the past few years to span from design software through the acquisition of AWR all the way through to high-frequency and high-speed test instrumentation with its PXI, VST, and more.

While AWR will be adopting the NI name and corporate logo, from the perspective of customers, partners, and employees, it will be business as usual. The same great organization of people you’ve come to know and respect will all be here working to support you as our product line continues to grow and thrive as a mainstream design environment for the microwave engineering community.

On the product side, there’s also change. With the latest release of our V11 NI AWR Design Environment™, you’ll see we’ve made a name change to include our new identify of NI plus also big changes in the Analyst™ 3D FEM EM simulator, as well as many more new features, enhancements, and updates that serve to make you, our customer, more productive.  You can learn more about these product changes on our what’s new page:

Join with me as we embrace both the corporate and product changes that lie ahead, knowing that NI (formerly AWR) is working hard to make sure that these changes are for the better!