Smart and Sexy Microwaves

Nov 2, 2013 | Posted by: Sherry Hess

I watched the Teen Choice Awards in August with my daughter…  She was tracking who won and whom she voted for via her iPhone. I was zoning out all the noise and wondering what this could possibly teach her. Having moved to LA from the East Coast a few years back now, the influence of “Hollywood” is hard to escape, so trying to instill the message that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is smart and sexy is a real challenge. Referring to myself as a cool geek mom, I am often saying to my kids that science is cool, math is cool, and being a geek is cool!

As you can imagine, I was stunned when Ashton Kutcher made his now famous speech about “the sexiest thing in the world is being really smart…” This is exactly what young people contemplating a future in STEM need to hear and especially those thinking about RF/microwave engineering.

A couple of years ago AWR launched a robust University Program to encourage students to enjoy and excel at RF/microwave design. Our software is a perfect fit for students of this incredibly difficult discipline because it provides all the power and technology needed for sophisticated RF/microwave design in an easy-to-use interface that students can master and that helps them gain confidence and succeed.

We work hand-in-hand with universities worldwide to provide our software and support in the classroom so students can learn about RF/microwave design in real time. Through our Graduate Gift Initiative we gift graduating engineering students with free software so they can get a jumpstart on their careers. And now through our newly launched Professors in Partnership web portal, we partner with prominent engineering professors to offer students, as well as professors and professional engineers, educational materials such as Prof. Keith Kikkert’s eBook, RF Electronics: Design and Simulation and Prof. Michael Steer’s textbook, Microwave and RF Design: A Systems Approach. We’re especially excited that both books contain real-world examples/case studies developed with AWR’s popular Microwave Office® circuit design software.

A key step in making microwaves smart and sexy is making it more accessible and meaningful in a real-world sense.  AWR is a great fit for this as we’re doing everything we can to promote our industry.