From the company's start back in 1994 through to today, year after year, NI AWR software has been enhanced to deliver a productivity advantage to its many customers.

A highlight of some of the innovations brought to market throught NI AWR Design Environment™ software over the years includes:

2014:  AWR is now NI

2012: Analyst™ – 3D FEM EM Analysis

2011:  Circuit envelope technology

2010:  TDNN™ - memory effect modeling technology

2009:  MRHB™ - multi-rate harmonic balance simulator

2008:  AXIEM® 3D planar electromagnetic simulator

2007:  ACE™ - automated circuit extraction technology, and RFA

2006:  Multiple-technology design environment (mixed and multiple PDKs)

2005:  Parasitic extraction socket, APLAC acquisition

2004:  Intelligent Net (iNet™) routing technology

2003:  EM Socket™ for 3rd party plug-n-play compatibility

2002:  XML-based vendor libraries

2001:  Circuit-system co-simulation, X-models

2000:  Real-time 3D layout views

1999:  Unified Data Model™ (UDM for schematic / layout)

1998:  Object-oriented EDA framework with COM interface, Real-time tuning and Measurement-driven simulation