Harmonic Balance/Transient Simulation

APLAC harmonic balance / transient circuit simulation engine is a key technology found within NI AWR Design Environment™. Acquired by AWR back in 2005, the APLAC simulation engine had been used in Nokia product development for many years as its foundry-approved harmonic balance method.

Today the APLAC harmonic balance simulation engine is further enhanced by the release of AWR’s patented Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance™ (MRHB) technology. MRHB enables users to simulate designs that were previously beyond the reach of the harmonic balance technique, and provides a 5x speed increase when simulating large, complex multi-tone designs.

The APLAC simulator offers multi-level analysis, including:

  • DC operation point
  • Linear frequency domain
  • Time domain
  • Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance
  • Harmonic balance
  • Phase noise
  • Linear/non-linear noise including AC noise contributors, temperature
  • Yield predictions and optimization

Learn more about APLAC capabilities by viewing videos on YouTube:

APLAC MRHB-Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance Tutorial

APLAC Time Domain Failure Analysis Tutorial