EM Socket

Plug-n-Play Compatibility with 3rd Party EM

EM Socket™ 
is unique technology developed by AWR
 to readily and easily support integration of 3rd party EM point 
tools (planar and full 3D) as well as with AWR's own
 EMSight™, AXIEM, and Analyst™ technologies so as to give designers the flexibility to use the tool of their choice for their design. Even custom in-house software can be added through industry-standard interfaces, enabling users to include all of their intellectual property to gain product differentiation.

With the EM Socket integrated solution inside of Microwave Office and Analog Office, there is no need for importing or exporting files, nor for any translation of data. Users simply design their circuit in the NI AWR Design Environment™ and  invoke their EM solver of choice from a single, straightforward user interface.

To learn more about EM Socket and the EM point tool vendor(s) who supports it, click on the AWR Connected solution link below: