RF Architect: RFA

System Level Architectural Planning Tool

Part of AWR’s Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communication system design suite, RFA™ is an advanced system-level planning and specification tool for RF communication system engineers who need to quickly create and verify the initial specifications of a radio design. In general, RFA is a superset of both AWR's other innovative technologies: RFB™ and RFI™ (RF Budget and RF Inspector, respectively).

RF Budget Analysis: RFB

The RFA tool delivers several new technologies that enable communications designers to streamline their product development process. One key component of RFA is the RF Budget Analysis feature, which provides the ability to make traditional RF cascaded measurements such as gain, noise figure, and third-order intercept, inclusive of image noise, along a communication link.

RF Inspector: RFI

The RFI™ technology is a  frequency-domain simulation tool that helps determine the root cause or heritage of any intermodulation product of an RF link and includes the effects of conversions, harmonics, and intermodulation. In addition, effects of thermal noise, and phase noise are accounted for. This enables users to isolate the sources of unwanted interferers and to better architect their RF systems.

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RFA Innovation Overview Understanding RFI