Customer Stories

Aalto University

Aalto University Students Design a 1.5 GHz Doppler Radar Using NI AWR Software

Aava Mobile

Aava Mobile Uses Microwave Office in the Design of World's First Open Mobile Device Platform


Acreo Uses Visual System Simulator to Successfully Optimize System Performance of Complex UWB Transceiver

activCirk Corporation

activCirk Achieves First Pass MMIC Success with AWR Software

Aerial Facilities Limited

Aerial Facilities Uses Microwave Office to Achieve First-Time-Right Amplifier Designs

AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University Researchers Model a Low-Cost Microwave Vector System With NI AWR Software


Alcatel Uses Microwave Office to Increase the Productivity of Hardware Design


Alcatel-Lucent Reduces Design Time by Eliminating File Translation Issues Between PCB and High-Frequency Design


ALCIOM Cuts Design Time in Half for Complex Wideband RF Downconverter Subsystem

Amplifier Technology - Diplexer

Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office and Designs Diplexer from Concept to Prototype in Less Than 2 Weeks

Amplifier Technology - Multi-Octave PA

Amplifier Technology Cuts Design Time in Half for High Power Amplifiers

Amplifier Technology - PA

Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office to Design High Performance Amplifiers While Cutting 50% Off Their Design Time

Anglia Ruskin University (Testimonial)

“The AWR software is available for use by students studying at Anglia Ruskin University. It will be particularly helpful to students on our BEng (Hons) in Electronics. I think the AWR Graduate Gift Initiative is a great idea. My own university spearheads a program to encourage/help graduates start new businesses.”


Anritsu Meets Demanding Performance Requirements of Communications Test Equipment Market by Taking "Virtual" to Reality

Ashvattha Semiconductor, Inc. (Testimonial)

"Using Analog Office design software, we are able to analyze our advanced RF front-end circuits in greater detail than ever before, and in the same environment we are able to see the system ramifications of a circuit-level change. This is extremely powerful in RF system design."

Astra Microwave Products Limited

Astra Microwave Speeds Up MMIC Component Design With NI AWR Software

Atlantic RF (Testimonial)

"Today's complex RF circuits require a more innovative approach than traditional design software offers and the Microwave Office product provides the technology our designers require. The AWR open system platform enhances engineering productivity and reduces development costs by providing an easy-to-use, integrated solution that improves design time over legacy tools in a number of applications."

Auriga Microwave

AWR Helps Auriga Accurately Simulate Nonlinear Performance of Complex MMICs and Modules for Radar and Communications Applications

BAE Systems

Analog Office Software and PDK Support BAE System’s Revolutionary Mixed-signal Photonics Chip Design

Bath University

University of Bath PhD Student Designs Antenna Array for Locating GPS Interference