Customer Stories

Ashvattha Semiconductor, Inc. (Testimonial)

"Using Analog Office design software, we are able to analyze our advanced RF front-end circuits in greater detail than ever before, and in the same environment we are able to see the system ramifications of a circuit-level change. This is extremely powerful in RF system design."

BAE Systems

Analog Office Software and PDK Support BAE System’s Revolutionary Mixed-signal Photonics Chip Design

Defence Science and Technology Group

Defence Science and Technology Group Australia Develops a 25-45 GHz SiGe Receiver Using Analog Office

Epic Communications

Leveraging its Design Experience and Success with Microwave Office, Epic Communications Designs Customized RFIC Transceivers with Analog Office in Record Time

Finisar Corporation (Testimonial)

"Finisar takes great pride in providing leading-edge products that exemplify our commitment to engineering excellence, product reliability, and customer value. The Analog Office® open, integrated platform and unique RF-aware design methodology provide our engineers with the accurate RF modeling and analysis needed to design products that meet our exacting standards."


Siemens IT Solutions and Services PSE Achieves First time Silicon Success Using Analog Office Design Suite

Summit Semiconductor

Summit Semiconductor Cuts the Design time for 10GHz Phase Shifter and Low Noise Amplifier Products in Half with Analog Office

TSMC (Testimonial)

"A cost-effective RFIC design platform will be a welcome addition to the growing RF wireless design community worldwide, and particularly to emerging design markets. Our collaboration with AWR will provide advanced RF models and PDKs that differentiate TSMC RF process offerings, and will also allow us to more fully meet the library/PDK customization needs of customers."