Customer Stories


Unique AWR Technology Enables International Accelerator Development

Lexiwave Technology

Lexiwave Designers Develop Efficient 24-GHz Radar Antenna Array


LNAFIN Designs MMIC LNA Module for 40 GHz Application Using NI AWR Design Environment


MACOM Designs Ka-Band MMIC Power Amplifier With NI AWR Design Environment

Phil Jobson Consulting

Phil Jobson Consulting Designs Family of UHF Cavity-Based Helical Resonator Bandpass Filters with NI AWR Software

Pulse Electronics - LTE

Pulse Electronics Develops Unique, Software-based Design Optimization Process for LTE Small Cell Base Station

Sensata Technologies

Sensata Designs Reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System With NI AWR Software


Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas


Thales UK Designs GaN MMIC/Packaging for MAGNUS Program Using NI AWR Software

University of Bath

University of Bath PhD Student Designs Antenna Array for Locating GPS Interference