Aava Mobile

Aava Mobile Uses Microwave Office in the Design of World's First Open Mobile Device Platform


Customer Background

Aava Mobile was founded in 2009 by a team of engineering wizards with a strong background in mobile phone development who wanted to build an opensource mobile device platform for the OEM/ODM market. Aava Mobile's open devices harness the creativity of developer communities and provide the flexibility to OEM/ODMs and mobile operators to incorporate their own user interface, content and services to differentiate their devices from competitors.

The Design Challenge

Aava Mobile developed the world's first open mobile device platform.For developers seeking to write Android/MeeGo apps to run on upcoming Intel Atom Z600 smartphones, Aava provides a special software development kit (SDK) that is compatible with current Android/MeeGo SDK software, and also provides a fully-functioning hardware device with working modem/antennae connectivity and other peripherals. We use Microwave Office in our printed circuit board (PCB) designs to simulate the critical tracks/traces and find optimum performance by varying the line widths and PCB layer stackups.

Because we are a young start-up, design time and cycles are critical. AWR's APLAC® models are highly accurate - attributed to years of vetting by Nokia - and as such empowered us with right-the-first-time design of our open mobile device platform PCBs.

The Solution

With Microwave Office, it is possible for us to find the optimum line width to different layers and PCB stackups. Microwave Office enables us to simulate key components/tracks for confidence and to help in tackling performance issues by providing a good starting point for the actual lab work. Our designers have worked with APLAC for over a decade and so were confident about working with APLAC models. Key benefits of Microwave Office for Aava include the software's ease of use, simulation speed, accuracy of models, and innovative technologies. In addition, AWR technical support is outstanding.