Aerial Facilities Limited

Aerial Facilities Uses Microwave Office to Achieve First-Time-Right Amplifier Designs


Design Challenge 

Aerial Facilities Limited (AFL) provides hardware that successfully addresses the challenges of RF engineering and interference as a result of increased cell phone and RF traffic. The company offers state-of-the-art RF/microwave amplifiers as a part of its product portfolio, aimed at developing and deploying systems to improve call coverage and reception worldwide. Microwave Office software is a critical part of AFL’s technical innovation program as it enables AFL designers to quickly and accurately design and deliver to market amplifiers that meet demanding signal coverage and reception specifications.

Solution: What design problem did AWR software help solve?

AFL uses Microwave Office software in tandem with a third-party tool to design its state-of-the-art RF/microwave amplifiers. Microwave Office, with its seamless integration to third-party tools, has enabled AFL to consistently achieve first-time-right designs with optimum performance. With its very fast and accurate linear, non-linear, and electromagnetic (EM) simulation tools, Microwave Office provides the final confirmation that the design will be right the first time, and that the manufactured design will function as predicted in the simulations.

Why was Microwave Office selected?

AFL found Microwave Office to be intuitive to learn, very user-friendly, and readily able to identify and solve complex RF/microwave design problems. Of additional importance to AFL was AWR’s open design environment, which provided easy interoperability to other third-party design tools.

What were the key benefits of using AWR software?

The overall stability, accuracy, and intuitiveness of Microwave Office software, as well as its ability to function seamlessly with third-party tools, uniquely met AFL’s RF design needs. The technical and product flow features of AWR’s Microwave Office software are unmatched by any other EDA software tool on the market.