Alcatel uses Microwave Office to increase the productivity of hardware design


The RF Design Challenge at Alcatel

“The point-to-point microwave links and space radio systems that we are currently designing are subject to intense time-to-market pressures and constantly increasing system complexity. Our engineers need the best tools available in the market but these tools need to be easily integrated into our existing design flow. The requirements of CAD tools are constantly changing, so we need to have an open design platform able to quickly integrate new strategic tools that are necessary for our design effort.“

The AWR Solution

Microwave Office® offers us significant improvement in performance and capacity, which increases our design accuracy and shortens design cycle time. The AWR solution offers us the best RF tool combination in an open design environment — powerful, speedy simulation and an easy-to-use, integrated design platform. In addition, AWR provides high level support services and extensive documentation. We are also very happy to see AWR strengthening its position as the EDA market leader by acquiring APLAC RF simulation technology.