Amplifier Technology - Multi-Octave PA

Amplifier Technology Cuts Design Time in Half for High Power Amplifiers


The Design Challenge

Demand for high power, wide bandwidth, feature-rich wireless devices is driving the need for amplifiers that are smaller, higher in power, efficiency and linearity, and with higher operational bandwidth too. To win in this competitive market, ATL products must be designed fast and “right the first time.” ATL’s new multi-octave bandwidth (0.5-2.5GHz), high power (50W minimum), high efficiency amplifier needed to be ready for delivery to the customer in 10 to 12 weeks after order placement and developed from scratch. To provide this kind of customized product development with a short delivery service window, the ATL design team combines its specialized engineering knowledge and experience with powerful engineering development and production software tools.

The Solution

The ATL design team chose a combination of AWR’s Microwave Office™ circuit design software and AMPSA’s MultiMatch Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW) for the design of its new PA. These software tools remove much of the risk and guesswork associated with the creation of new designs. They have transformed ATL’s amplifier design process and substantially shortened or eliminated product design cycles as well as greatly improved the probability that the new device will perform as specified on the first attempt.

The design began in Microwave Office, where the design data (linear models and/or load-pull impedances) was extracted for the design process as identified by MultiMatch ADW. The designers used the real frequencies synthesis technique in MultiMatch for lossy and lossless matching network design to achieve the optimum performance from the RF/microwave transistors. Then, with only a few clicks of the mouse, the designed networks were transferred into Microwave Office for further analysis, tuning, and optimization using its powerful linear, nonlinear, and EM simulation engines.