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Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office to Design High Performance Amplifiers While Cutting 50% Off Their Design Time


The outstanding modeling capabilities of Microwave Office helped designers to develop an optimal footprint for new, high power amplifiers

The Design Challenge

Microwave Office® software is being used by ATL for the design of leading edge power amplifiers. The goal was to create a product that would combine broadband with high efficiency and high power. ATL's latest product, a 20MHz-520MHz, 125W high power amplifier, posed the difficult challenge of improving the level of power and efficiency while at the same time reducing the footprint. The challenge took the design team on a journey that explored and pushed the capabilities of GaN technology to achieve the minimum saturated output power of 125W in the defined frequency range.

The Solution Why did you choose Microwave Office?

Seamless integration of key software functionality was absolutely essential in ensuring a speedy design process and first pass design success. Given ATL's experience with Microwave Office software for prior product design and development projects, the R&D team was already familiar with and sold on the software's power and reliability, the transparent integration of its technologies, and its ability to accurately and quickly simulate complex designs. What were the key benefits of using AWR software? The powerful and innovative technologies within the Microwave Office design environment met the design team's requirements for speed and accuracy, as well as seamless integration. The software's outstanding modelling capability enabled the rapid exploration of a huge range of parameters and designs and helped the team to quickly settle on the optimal layout. Microwave Office accuracy minimized post design work during prototype build, which led to a significant 50% reduction in design time and faster product delivery. The reliable and timely support offered by AWR further added to our confidence!

"Over the past few years Amplifier Technology's customers have continually pushed us to provide more demanding levels of performance in our power amplifiers, with ever-shorter delivery schedules," said Paul Deacon, senior RF design engineer at ATL. "Microwave Office has helped us characterise appropriate parameters for each prototype design, evaluate possible variants and simulate the device performance straight from the design stage. This has enabled us to meet customer expectations for better performance and shorter delivery. In my experience Microwave Office is the best design solutions available on the market."