Anritsu Meets Demanding Performance Requirements of Communications Test Equipment Market by Taking "Virtual" to Reality


Design Challenge at Anritsu

The test and measurement (T&M) equipment market is a particularly demanding branch of the communications industry because designers of communications products require the utmost in precise, accurate, repeatable, stable test equipment in order to deliver their end products to market and ensure that they comply with today's complex, exacting communications standards. For the design of Anritsu's own T&M equipment, Anritsu uses Microwave Office to quickly and efficiently design optimum microwave circuits on ceramic substrates. Anritsu relies on AWR software to design the hardware that generates and measures the real-world signals that the AWR software itself simulates. In other words, AWR takes "virtual" to reality

What design problem did AWR’s software help you to solve?

Today's competitive communications market has narrowed the window of opportunity for new products, and at the same time the complexity of the new generation of devices utilizing a proliferation of standards is driving a need for faster, more efficient design processes in order to accurately predict performance and deliver communications products to market quickly and efficiently. The steep learning curve of many EDA products discourages engineers from effectively using simulation as a tool in the design process. With Microwave Office software, that hurdle is non-existent. Its intuitive user environment coupled with its robust and accurate simulation engines enabled Anritsu to include simulation as part of the design process, helping to complete designs faster and more accurately.

Why did you choose Microwave Office?

Microwave Office is more intuitive to use compared with competitive products. Of course, the interface wouldn't be as significant a differentiator if the accuracy of AWR's models and simulation engines were not also first-rate. Also, the ability to have the layout associated with the circuit reduces human error (mistakes). The layout tool makes layout a lot less complicated than using a traditional CAD package, which serves to streamline the entire design process.

What were the key benefits of using AWR software?

With other tools, the steep learning curve acts to discourage engineers from effectively using simulation as a tool in the design process. In terms of Anritsu, a significant differentiator that Microwave Office software provides to users is its intuitive interface and completeness of design flow. Many other engineers in my division are using Microwave Office as well because of these reasons.