Auriga Microwave

AWR Helps Auriga Accurately Simulate Nonlinear Performance of Complex MMICs and Modules for Radar and Communications Applications


Company Profile

Auriga Microwave is a recognized international leader in high-performance RF solutions for challenging applications that require optimization of power, bandwidth, linearity, efficiency, and size. The company’s success is built on its expertise in gallium nitride (GaN)- and gallium arsenide (GaAs)-based modeling and measurement, coupled with a uniquely encouraging, creative, collaborative, and technically innovative environment. Auriga designs monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and microwave modules and develops device models for the military and commercial radar and communication markets for industry leading companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.

The Design Challenge

Auriga’s market for GaN HEMT models and designs consists of radar, communications, and electronic warfare for the Department of Defense and the primes who support the DoD. The small footprints required of Auriga’s devices necessitate highly accurate electromagnetic (EM) simulation as well as the optimization of circuits for nonlinear performance.

The Solution

With challenging goals such as tight spacing and many integrated functions, Auriga finds the accuracy and capabilities of AWR’s simulators (Microwave Office®, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), and AXIEM® software) to be indispensable. AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulation is used in many areas of the Auriga MMIC design flow. The speed and accuracy of AWR’s Microwave Office circuit design software inclusive of EM simulation provides a fast turn-around in optimizing Auriga’s circuits. In addition, the nonlinear model implemented in Microwave Office is used to successfully simulate nonlinear performance of the amplifiers. Furthermore, the integrated environment of Microwave Office and VSS across both system- and circuit-level analysis enables the designers to calculate adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and error vector magnitude (EVM) of various modulation waveforms and readily meet system-level performance specifications. In fact, at Auriga, designers have been successful generating so many first-pass designs as a result of their reliance on AWR’s products that their expectations are now that every design will be a first-pass success.

Why Did you Choose AWR

AWR has been a standard feature in our facility for a long time and we are very fluent in its many aspects. We have found the software to be easy to use, the online “help” documentation very supportive, and the graphing features highly effective for demonstrating results. For more challenging tasks such as nonlinear simulations under modulated signals, AWR anticipates needs and provides the necessary features to carry out these analyses.