Creowave Trusts Microwave Office and Designs Precise Filters Right the First Time


The Design Challenge

Creowave uses Microwave Office® to design filters used in its radio testing solutions for the telecommunications industry. These solutions include diplexers, bandpass, bandstop, and high pass filters that address spurious emissions, multiband testing, and passive intermodulation. In addition, Creowave provides complex solutions customized to meet specific customer needs-making first time design success critical as filters have a very short time-to-market window of opportunity, leaving no room for multiple design cycles.

The Solution

The Microwave Office unique combination of ease-of-use and powerful technologies enabled Creowave to ramp up immediately and exceed the requirements for speed and accuracy. Creowave was able to design the custom filters to very exacting specifications, correctly the first time. This saved time and helped them to deliver products quickly.

"We chose Microwave Office because it is easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and delivers precise results. With Microwave Office it is possible to just start working without investing precious time in several weeks of training. This is not possible with other tools. For Creowave it is extremely important to succeed on the first round. We don't do many design-rounds because the filters have to be on the market fast. We believe that is not possible with any other tools besides AWR."