GreenPeak Reduces Design Time for ZigBee SoC RF Communication Controller


The Design Challenge

GreenPeak was tasked with designing a GP510 system-on-chip RF4CE communication controller for integration into set-top boxes and a GP561 chip for the remote controller device. The chips needed to be optimized for low cost while at the same time providing superior performance. GreenPeak required its RF/microwave software to perform RF board analysis, validation, and optimization for best RF performance, certification margin, and production yield. Specifically, GreenPeak needed a sophisticated software suite that was capable of performing electromagnetic (EM) simulation of single and multilayer PCBs and antennas, as well as integrating with component models for complete RF characterization.

The Solution

GreenPeak relied on Microwave Office circuit design software to set up the simulation using RF models of multilayer/single layer printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, to EM the PCB antennas within AXIEM, to combine all with parasitic models of the components, and finally to assess the overall performance characteristics of the complete assembly. With AWR software as part of their design process, GreenPeak designers were able to reduce the number of iterations down to one or two when integrating with custom designs. Microwave Office also enabled GreenPeak to improve their models and expand their single layer RF design capabilities.

Why Microwave Office and AXIEM

GreenPeak selected AWR software for its excellent track record with existing users and for its flexible and user-friendly interface as well as powerful simulation features. Additional key benefits that GreenPeak found using AWR software included productivity, ease-of-use, simulation speed, and availability of models. GreenPeak was particularly impressed with the software’s ease-of-integration and ability to adapt to new design challenges. In addition, AWR offered competitive and flexible licensing/pricing and exceptional customer service.