Unique AWR Technology Enables International Accelerator Development


Analyst™ (now marketed as Analyst-MP™) was the only simulator able to handle huge computational complexity of higher precision or large scale EM calculations.

Corporate Profile

The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), located in Tsukuba in the Ibaraki prefecture, is a national organization whose role is to operate the largest particle physics laboratory in Japan. Established in 1971, KEK’s main mission has been to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high energy physics, material sciences, structural biology, radiation science, computing science, nuclear transmutation, etc. Numerous experiments have been conducted at KEK by internal and international collaborations.

Yuichi Morozumi, a physicist at KEK Laboratory, has been involved in international accelerator development for high-energy physical experiments and has completed many research projects.

The Design Challenge

Dr. Morozumi’s previous research associated with accelerator structures focused on an X-band high precision accelerator and an L-band superconducting accelerator. Both structures were supposed to generate high gradient accelerating mode, suppressing high-order modes. Challenges were high precision design of the X-band structure and high complexity prevention design for suppression of higher order modes and multipacting in the L-band superconducting structure. Both should be based on massive FEM simulation by time-consuming computation. Parallel computing with a parallel solver on multiple CPUs was essential for obtaining satisfactory results in a realistic time frame.

The Solution

In short those design tasks required a parallelized robust 3D FEM electromagnetic (EM) simulator. Analyst (now marketed as Analyst-MP) was the only software available to meet Dr. Morozumi’s design challenges for maximum accuracy with minimum computing time.