Marki Microwave, Inc. (Business Impact Profile)

Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Revolutionary Manufacturing Process for Successful Custom Mixer Designs



Marki Microwave is a leading manufacturer of high performance microwave and millimeter- wave components.


Design and manufacture more compact mixers at a faster and cost-scalable rate while maintaining signature quality and performance.


Transition the company to a new design paradigm leveraging a new mixer manufacturing process combined with simulation software, putting Marki on a path toward “right the first time” design methodology and ushering in a new means for manufacturing future microwave components.

Results (ROI):

Small footprint, high performing and volume manufacturable mixer components.

  • 14X reduction in size (mixer footprint)
  • Tens of dB improvement in performance (isolation / spurious rejection)
  • 2X faster design cycle time
  • Five-fold increase in factory capacity throughput