Microwave Office Software with ACE Technology Dramatically Cuts Simulation Times of Multitest's High-performance IC Test Boards


The Design Challenge

Multitest’s main customers are multinational manufacturers of semiconductors who insist on the highest quality standards in their products. In order to ensure this high quality, the company provides its clients with highly innovative test handling solutions, custom-tailored to fit individual needs and requirements. Because high throughput rate and accuracy are critical, Multitest uses AWR’s Microwave Office with ACE™ (automated circuit extraction) to simulate and optimize its PCB designs simply, accurately, and efficiently.

The Solution

Microwave Office enabled us to readily create libraries for several different PCB stackups (various numbers of layers and thicknesses) characterized previously in 3D EM. Within each of these libraries, via models were linked to .s2p files that were simulated in a 3D simulator. Proper via modeling (thru-hole and back-drilled) is a critical component to accurate PCB simulations. With the ACE technology enabled within AWR’s Microwave Office software, we were able to leverage the ease, simplicity, and efficiency of ACE, and the Microwave Office user interface for that matter, to successfully simulate any board desired while maintaining appropriate via models as well.

AWR’s Microwave Office software with its ACE innovation simplified a job that used to take many hours into one that is more streamlined -- completed in significantly less time.

Why did you choose AWR? 

We chose AWR software for several reasons:

  1. The user-friendly interface of the software makes it easy to learn
  2. PCB layout importing is straightforward and robust
  3. ACE is accurate and fast, giving us a quick design turnaround

For these reasons and more, AWR’s Microwave Office featuring ACE is a winning combination for the design of Multitest’s high-performance PCB test boards. Personally, I’ve seen some designs realize more than 50% saving in simulation time (including set-up steps) by adopting this methodology.