Nokia Siemens Networks (Testimonials)

“Microwave Office is convenient and practical to use. It enables me to build accurate models of microwave strip filters and directly draw the lines, which saves time in my design flow."
Zhang Jiming, Microwave Engineer

“In my capacity as a designer of outdoor units (ODUs) operating at frequencies up to 40 GHz, I am highly reliant on simulation software. Passive devices in particular, such as microstrip filters, splitters, and couplers, as well as low-noise amplifiers, sometimes present difficult challenges. My previous high-frequency design software had a modeling interface that was difficult to use. But after being introduced to Microwave Office and the AWR training team, it was obvious that this software would be much easier and efficient to use. I have been using Microwave Office ever since (for more than 5 years), and its simulation speed, accuracy, productivity, availability of models, and integration with third-party tools make it very powerful.”
Zhang Jintao, Microwave Engineer

“I design 7GHz RF/IF circuits, and because RF circuits are complicated and uncertain, it can take several design turns to gain the experience and knowledge to get the design right. Microwave Office is flexible, visual, and easy to use.”
Li Yua, Microwave Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks

“I was responsible for developing the circuits for a 15GHz microwave point-to-point system by creating and optimizing a low-cost microstrip filter. The filter’s primary effect was to suppress local oscillator leakage and other spurious signals with a passband of 14.4 to 15.4GHz. The design was complicated by its high operating frequency, which presented issues in reducing voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) as well as passband ripple. The microstrip filter circuit was designed in Microwave Office software. A 3D module was then built using the same variables in a 3D simulation tool so that the performance of the filter could easily be optimized. Microwave Office proved to be very fast and easy to use, and, when combined with 3D EM software, made a highly efficient design of this circuit practical.”
Xinping Zhu, Microwave Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks