PoweRFul Microwave

PhD Student Starts Engineering Consultancy Firm Leveraging AWR Software


Company Profile

PoweRFul Microwave is an engineering consultancy specializing in RF and microwave amplifier design. Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick is founder and principal consultant at PoweRFul Microwave. He has specialized in RF & microwave solid-state amplifier technology since 1984. The company offers consulting expertise in RF and microwave solid-state amplifier design, design obsolescence, specification and design reviews, feasibility studies, and technology roadmaps.

The AWR Graduate Gift Initiative

In 2007, after many years in senior technical management for a number of UK RF & Microwave amplifier manufacturers, Dominic returned to academia to earn his Ph.D. at Cardiff University through a three-year research project funded by the UK Defense Technology Centre focused on novel ultra-wideband design techniques.

Whilst at an AWR customer appreciation event at the International Microwave Symposium, Dominic talked with then CEO Dane Collins, who encouraged him to apply for the Graduate Gift Initiative.

After graduating, Dominic started PoweRFul Microwave, an RF and microwave design consultancy firm. Given that the first year for any new business is challenging and costs associated with software, test equipment, IT, and assembly can quickly add up, Dominic elected to take advantage of AWR’s Graduate Gift Initiative.

In the year since founding PoweRFul Microwave, Dominic has secured customer design wins that called upon him to use the Microwave Office® nonlinear engine to design power amplifiers in frequency bands from VHF to 20GHz. He has also used AXIEM® in the design of planar baluns, and presented his novel design works at an AWR/NI event in the UK.

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