S5 Wireless (now part of Recon Dynamics)

S5 Wireless Increases Wireless Design Productivity Using VSS


Design Challenge at S5 Wireless

I am designing radio architectures and need to visualize and simulate implementation details of the architectures using different modulations. I need to evaluate system performance with real-world impairments including DSP limitations and non-ideal circuit implementation. I must also quantify the performance impacts of channel interference, noise, jitter, etc. to optimize the design, so I need to be able to simulate these effects in order to optimize my design.

AWR Solution

Prior to adopting AWR’s Visual System Simulator software, I was building FPGAs and testing them in the lab, trying to integrate RF/analog/digital on hardware test benches, and simulating with disparate tools that were not integrated. With VSS, I have an excellent RF tool combination in an open design environment that enables me to quickly and accurately co-simulate circuit performance at the system level. VSS has helped me deliver higher quality products while at the same time significantly cutting my design time.