Tokyo Keiki

Tokyo Keiki Cuts Design Time for High-Power Amplifiers in Half Using Microwave Office and AXIEM


Company Background

Tokyo Keiki Inc. manufactures and sells marine and aviation products, telecommunication equipment, ecology-related equipment, defense equipment, construction equipment, fluid-measurement products and railway equipment. Specifically, the company offers advanced radar warning receivers for fighter aircraft that provide critical information on the opposing aircraft’s direction, distance, type, and other data. Tokyo Keiki is now applying its advanced microwave technology in responding to the diverse needs in the field of data communications.

Design Challenge

Tokyo Keiki’s Yusuke Hamada designs X-band high-power amplifiers for radar applications. With extremely demanding deadlines and expectations for product excellence, reduction in design time, high-power characteristics, and miniaturization of device size are key and critical design challenges.


To tackle these challenges, Tokyo Keiki relied on AWR’s Microwave Office® circuit design software because it enabled seamless collaborative design of both the circuit and electromagnetic (EM) analyses using AWR’s AXIEM® EM engine alongside and integrated within the Microwave Office environment. AWR’s ease of use, simulation speed, and EM analysis accuracy enabled a nearly 50 percent reduction in GaN production time from design to prototypes.

Why AWR?

The intuitive, smart user interface and seamless integration of circuit, layout, and EM within the AWR Design Environment™ made Hamada’s life much easier both in terms of lessening the pressure of tight deadlines and providing more time during the design flow for trying different ideas that ultimately improved the quality of the product.

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