VTI Technologies

A Universal, Versatile Tool for Physical Simulation

"VTI Technologies, the leader in low-g automotive accelerometers, is probably best known for developing the solution that made airbag triggering in cars reliable. When the company entered the market seven years ago, its capacitive sensing element and interface electronics were designed separately without taking into account interactions between them. In one case, this led to an unexpected nonlinearity due to electrostatic interactions. We found ourselves in the embarrassing position of having to introduce a design change after launch and approval of the prototypes.

APLAC software was rumoured to offer flexibility through its programmability. When we told the APLAC people about our situation, we received excellent, enthusiastic support. It quickly became clear that APLAC was not just a circuit simulator, but a powerful simulation tool for any physical system that could be described with formally similar differential equations as the electrical circuit elements. APLAC also transcended the old distinctions between FE- and FD-type physical simulators and macromodel simulators.

Today we use APLAC for optimization and customer-specific modification of capacitive sensing elements and for system-level design. APLAC has provided us with competitive advantage, and can be easily configured for our newest sensor types such as angular rate sensors."