Customer Stories


Meeting Nokia's Right First Time Criterion

Nokia Siemens Networks (Testimonials)

“Microwave Office is convenient and practical to use. It enables me to build accurate models of microwave strip filters and directly draw the lines, which saves time in my design flow."

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University Prepares Students for Industry Challenges Through Hands-On Design Course

North Carolina State University (NCSU)

NCSU Senior Design Program Uses AWR Software to Achieve Success in LNA and X-band PA Design Projects

Okinawa National College of Technology

Okinawa National College of Technology Uses AWR for Climatology Communication System

OneTree Microdevices

OneTree Microdevices Designs Ultra-Linear Amplifiers Quickly and Easily Using NI AWR Software

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Tech Students Readily Learn RF/Wireless Design Using NI AWR Software

Osmania University (Testimonial)

“Microwave Office enables me to see 3D views and layouts of lumped circuits at the same time, which shortens my design time.”

Phil Jobson Consulting

Phil Jobson Consulting Designs Family of UHF Cavity-Based Helical Resonator Bandpass Filters with NI AWR Software

Pocket Radar

Microwave Office Enables First Pass Design Success for World’s Only Pocket-Sized Sports Radar Gun

PoweRFul Microwave

PhD Student Starts Engineering Consultancy Firm Leveraging AWR Software

Prism Microwave

Prism Microwave Maximizes R&D Efficiency for Base Station Filter Design

Pulse Electronics

Pulse Speeds Up Filter Development

Pulse Electronics - Antennas

Pulse Relies on AWR Software to Design Cutting Edge Antenna Modules for Wireless Devices and GPS

Pulse Electronics - LTE

Pulse Electronics Develops Unique, Software-based Design Optimization Process for LTE Small Cell Base Station


Qorvo Designs 1-8 GHz GaN Distributed PA MMIC With Novel Trifilar Transformer Utilizing NI AWR Software


Quasonix Uses NI AWR Software and Modelithics to Achieve First-Pass Success With a Transmitter‘s Harmonic Filter Design 

Quasonix (Testimonial)

“Even though the passive models that I utilize in my Microwave Office simulations include parasitic C and L or S-parameter models, the simulations on a 5GHz circuit still did not match my measured performance. But then when I began to utilize the Modelithics ATC capacitor models within my Microwave Office simulations, I correctly predicted a 5dB rolloff that I measured at the upper end of the band. Since then I have designed and built a number of prototype and production circuits including 5GHz power amplifiers with excellent agreement between simulated and measured performance.”

Quasonix, Inc.

Quasonix, Inc. Telemetry Systems Development Design Flow Improves Productivity 150 Percent