Customer Stories


Qorvo Designs 1-8 GHz GaN Distributed PA MMIC With Novel Trifilar Transformer Utilizing NI AWR Software


Quasonix Uses NI AWR Software and Modelithics to Achieve First-Pass Success With a Transmitter‘s Harmonic Filter Design 

Quasonix (Testimonial)

“Even though the passive models that I utilize in my Microwave Office simulations include parasitic C and L or S-parameter models, the simulations on a 5GHz circuit still did not match my measured performance. But then when I began to utilize the Modelithics ATC capacitor models within my Microwave Office simulations, I correctly predicted a 5dB rolloff that I measured at the upper end of the band. Since then I have designed and built a number of prototype and production circuits including 5GHz power amplifiers with excellent agreement between simulated and measured performance.”

Quasonix, Inc.

Quasonix, Inc. Telemetry Systems Development Design Flow Improves Productivity 150 Percent

RF Microtech

RF Microtech Develops Complex UWB Filter in Record Time

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz’s Novel Broadband Amplifier Product Line Leverages Microwave Office Software for the Design and Optimization of Key Components

Roke Manor Research, Ltd. (Testimonial)

"We have been using Microwave Office for many years at Roke Manor Research, and have been consistently impressed by its ease of use and accuracy. The 2004 version brings significant improvements and additions, including very accurate prediction of oscillator phase noise, and a much faster harmonic balance simulator. A welcome new option is the seamless integration of an HSPICE® time-domain simulator. Perhaps the most impressive capability is real-time tuning of a nonlinear circuit using both time- and frequency-domain simulations simultaneously."

Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome Uses AWR Microwave Office Software for RF/Microwave Classes and Graduate Research

SARAS Technology Ltd

SARAS Technology Designs Broadband and Efficient RF Power Amplifiers Using NI AWR Software

Saratov State University

Professor and Student Design UHF Antenna Amplifier


Sennheiser Sets New Standards for High-End Audio Receivers Using AWR Software

Sensata Technologies

Sensata Designs Reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System With NI AWR Software


Siemens IT Solutions and Services PSE Achieves First time Silicon Success Using Analog Office Design Suite


Skyworks Speeds Delivery of Multiple-Band PA Modules and Switch Functions into Single Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs)

Slipstream Design

Slipstream Design Successfully Develops a Modified Three-Level Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software

Southeast University (SEU)

AWR’s First Annual Student Design Competition in China Yields Outstanding Results at Southeast University


Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Sumitomo Electric Designs Compact GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software

Summit Semiconductor

Summit Semiconductor Cuts the Design time for 10GHz Phase Shifter and Low Noise Amplifier Products in Half with Analog Office